They took her away. The one I loved so deeply. She was my life, and they took her. The spirits came out of a hole in the park and snatched her as we walked around the pond. They were shapeless red spirits with no faces or limbs; just a red mass moving towards us. They grabbed her by the legs and pulled her screaming down into the hole. They pulled her down into Hell; they took my mother.
Chapter One
The beginning of the story
Without thinking I dove into the fissure in the ground hoping to grab onto one of these spirits. They were gone before I even reached the hole. I plunged into utter and complete darkness; falling for so long I lost sense of time and direction.
When I came to I was lying on my back in a small dark room. There was a little old lady leaning over me and cleaning my forhead with a towel. I would have been scared if not for the shock I was feeling. I took stock of my surroundings and situation. I was lying in a little bed in a small cave-like room with an old woman cleaning what could only be blood off my forhead.
As soon as the old lady went out of the room I got out of the bed and decided to get the fuck out before she came back. I slipped out of the opening of the cave and ran.
The cave tunnels were small and became more and more narrow as I ran through them. I noticed the walls were slimey and wet; this could only mean one thing; frogs. Many people laugh at me for my fear of frogs. “There is a reason behind everything” some say, and i believe this to be true, but why I am scared of frogs? No one will ever understand. Ever since I was young nothing scared me, except for rapists, guys who look like they want to hit me, and frogs.
Only minutes later a frog appeared. I was walking near the wall to hide from anything that might come by, and I almost stepped on it. I yelped and jumped back in fear. Heart pounding and head throbbing I ran for my life; and for once, the fucker started to chase me. I ran down the winding tunnels of the cave scared foy my life. Down here, it seemed, anything could happen.
Chapter Two
The Second Chapter
I escaped the monsterous frog by diving into a side tunnel and hiding behind a big slimy rock. I held my breath until I couldn’t hear the frog anymore and stood up. I felt a sharp pain in my leg and noticed that something was latched on to it. When I looked down I saw that what I previously believed to be a rock was really a toad; it was on fire.
I screamed like a three year old girl and ran. My screams echoed through the caves and must have been heard by every red spirit in the place.  A team of spirits showed up ahead, and I had nowhere to go but forward. I charged through the spirits and burst right through them. What was the point if they couldn’t even touch me?
This place is retarded…
I stopped running, drew my sword, and charged the frog/toad army that was behind me. They were gone. I was losing my mind; this place was so rediculously confusing it hurt. I continued down the cave looking for my mother. I searched for what seemed like hours, but to no avail. I checked my watch, its been 7 minutes since I jumped down the hole.
I was losing my mind and I still haven’t found anything. I continued down the cave when I heard a scream coming from a side tunnel, so I quickly turned and ran down it.

Chapter Three
The third part
It’s the end. I saw a light towards the end of the tunnel and as I ran towards it it became smaller and smaller. I turned around and saw that the light was nearer to my back than to my front. I ran toward the larger light; and that’s when I noticed it was a dragon breathing fire at a small woman. I ran at the dragon with my sword drawn; leapt on this back and drew my bow and arrow. We had to destroy the woman, she looked like a b*tch. I fired arrow after arrow at her until one sunk into her skull, leaving her slumped on the floor; on fire.
I rode the dragon down the tunnel towards the sounds of screaming. I was riding towards victory. Nothing could take me down, I mean I was riding on a god damn dragon! What waited in the next room, I would have never guessed.

Chapter Four
It follows three
A giant cigar smoking butterfly was holding my mother with its tentacles.
I giggled a little, but then I serious’d.
A butterfly against a ninja on a dragon; this should be easy. The butterfly let go of my mother and spit venom at us. It hit me in the face and the dragon on the wing. My face started to burn so I put on my Terminator mask.
Half robot for the win!
The dragon spiraled out of control, so I jumped off and watched it hit the ground and explode. Apparently it was a robot; weird. I charged the butterfly with my battle axe drawn out, ready to strike. I hurled my axe at the butterfly, but it dodged and spit more venom at me.
We fought for what seemed like hours. I hadn’t touched the butterfly yet, but I was about half robot from my flesh melting. It flew towards me at full speed, I knew I was gone, so I did what any person would do; I closed my eyes and waited, and then…..
I woke up.
It was the weirdest dream I had ever experienced.
I went to the bathroom to wash my face and noticed I was wearing a Terminator mask.

Marta is scared of Monsters

Told in Marta’s perspective, and then switches to mine.

I was sitting at my desk and working on some drawing. I got bored so I decided to text the funnest person I know.

“Hey! I’m bored, whats up?” I sent it to Alon.

“Hey, I’m just doing some crazy things in my lab, what are you up too?” He replied.

“Drawing a picture. I think it looks amazing.” I texted.

The conversation continued for a bit until my dreamy half-brother Shay walked into my room.

“Marta” He said.

“Its dinna time”

“Hey i gtg dinner” I quickly texted to Alon.

I threw my phone onto the little blonde chics bed and ran downstairs.

I finished dinner and went to get ready for bed. It was 8:06.

I got into my bed. Tonight was the first I slept in this room alone; Carley finally moved into a different one. As I was falling asleep my closet door was blown to pieces.

“AAAHHHH!!!” I whispered.

I ran to carley’s room to seek help.

“Wake up!” I muttered to her.

She didn’t stir. Oh noez.

I ran back into my room. The door was back in one piece.

I texted Alon again. It was 1:09 by now.

“Alon please help!”

“I’m trying to watch some…. movie, what do you need?” He replied.

“I just saw some freaky shit! I don’t know what to do”

“I’ll be right there”

Switching perspective……. Done.

I was watching a a very “pleasurable” movie when I received a text from Marta.

“Alon please help!”

“I’m trying to watch some…. movie, what do you need?” I replied.

“I just saw some freaky shit! I don’t know what to do”

“I’ll be right there”

I put some pants on and ran outside.

I jumped off my porch and immediately wings sprouted out of my back.

That’s right bitches; wings.

I started to fly to Marta’s house when I realized I have no idea how to get to her house in New Jersy.

I called her.

“Are you in kimberton or NJ?” I asked

“Kimberton, hurry!”

I put earphones on and started to play the song Knight of Cydonia. I closed my eyes and started to rock out.

I woke up! I fell asleep while flying and landed in my backyard. It was 1:10.

Thank god I only sleep at 20 second intervals I thought

I jumped again and started to fly to Marta’s.

I crashed through her window and onto her bed.

“What the fuck!” She screams.

At that moment Lauren, Eve in sixth grade, Shay, Mr.lehman and any other curse hater walked in.

They all nod in disappointment and leave.

“Da fuck?” I said.

At that moment Lauren, Eve in sixth grade, Shay, Mr.lehman and any other curse hater walked in.

They all nod in disappointment and leave.

“Da fu..”

“No shut up Marta!”

“Now, what do you need?” I asked.

“This is my first time…





sleeping alone in this room, and I saw a monster smash my closet door down” She replied.

“Almost fooled me there” I replied.

Suddenly the door knob on the closet door started to rattle. Green smoke started seeping out from under the door.

A monster burst through the door!

“OH MY GOD!” screamed Marta.

The monster charged us.

I pulled my sword out of its sheath.

The monster was getting nearer. It was 1:16.

The monster was within striking range. 1:25

I swung my sword at the monster and sliced of its arm, but it regenerated seconds later.

Marta and I ran out of the house and into the woods where we chanced upon a boat. We jumped into it and started sailing towards the horizon.

Marta was being annoying; talking about how much she loved Joe Jonas while I wanted to talk about my love for Taylor Swift, so I pushed her into the ocean to shut her up. She was forced to swim behind the boat until she promised to be quiet.

We arrived at a strange island while the sun was still rising. It was
1:48 PM .

We landed our plane on the beach and started to explore.

After walking for a few hours I heard twigs snap, and voices shouting.
They were getting closer. A few seconds later Sawyer and Hurley crashed through the bushes to our right, close behind them cam Carol, and chasing Carol was “The Monster”
the black smoke which haunted the residents of the Island of Lost.

Me and Marta ducked as to not be seen by anyone.

1 week later.

The monsters of the Island had made me their king, and had made Marta my jester.
In this 1 week period, we built an unrealistically  huge ball made of twigs, played a game of dirtball and hit two owls with rocks.

The monsters later found out that I was not really a king, just a little boy with a mad case of ADHD.

Me and Marta were down at the beach again, saying our goodbyes. Calvin was sitting at the edge of the beach, cleaning his white shoes. He was pretending not to be crying.

We sailed back home on our plane, and lived happily ever after.
Until Marta fell out of the plane and was never seen again. Until she got back to the surface of the water.
Co – written by Marta.

Alon & Kitteh

A day in the crazy life of Alon Tal;
Boy do I want to kill my cat now.
(Keep in mind that I’m wasn’t wearing a shirt during this adventure!!!!!!)

I woke up to my mom screaming at my cat for eating bread.
God damn you kitty! I think to myself.
I quickly pull on my jeans and walk out of my room. I grabbed my cat in one hand and the bread in the other and walked towards the door.
Surprise came to me when a huge fucking cloud of lady bugs came out of nowhere and attacked me. I was cornered, and had to run for it. I sprinted down the stairs onto the grass, dropped the cat and bread off while running, and started to fight off the lady bugs. After what seemed like hours I finally destroyed the last of the bugs and went to sit on the porch with my cat. I finally decided that it was high time my cat stopped being scared of grass ( I know dude, I know ) so i took her away from my house and sat down in the shade, the cat just stood there with terror in her eyes, flinching at every sound she heard.
I got cold very quickly so I lifted my cat, who by now had wet herself like twice, and I carried her a little further away from my house into a nice sunny meadow, and i again sat down. The cat came and sat on my lap.
Kitty you coward!!!!!” Thought I.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement, I found myself looking at my cats older siblings whom my cat has never met. I grabbed my cat and slowly walked towards the other cats, flicking the toothpick out of my mouth in the process.
I set my cat down in front of the others and immediately her back arches miles into the sky and she falls down (yeah dude, she falls down) So my cat is lying there on the ground, back still arched, while the other cats are sniffing the living shit out of her. Every few seconds she would swipe at their faces trying to make them go away. My cat ran away. One of the “others” (Lost) left, while the other (male) ran after my cat.
My cat finally started playing with the male cat. They had a “Who could climb higher on a tree” contest. So I went inside and had some luncheon with my dad. An hour later I was worried that my cat may have gotten destroyed by the male, so I grabbed a coke and went looking for her. Straight away I went  to the tree where the cats were playing; I looked up and saw both cats way up in the tree meowing obnoxiously,
Shit! I think to myself.
I gulped down my coke, hulk-smashed it in my hand, and threw it away in slow motion (Makes it look cooler) I put my cape up, ninja jumped up onto the tree and started climbing. When I got to the top I grabbed the male cat and fuck! is he fat. Anyway, he got scared the shredded my bare chest to pieces ( I’m fine ) I started to climb down the tree and every branch which I passed was grabbed by the cat making it very difficult to climb down.
After what seemed like months I reached the bottom branch and put the cat on there thinking he could jump down onto the grass. I started the long journey back up the tree to get my cat. As I’m climbing the fucker zooms past me up the tree.
“Fuck you fatty!” I yell at him.
I got to the top and grabbed My cat. Again, my cat destroyed my chest. At this point i was bleeding and sweating like someone from an anime show. I got my cat down to the lowest branch, swung off the tree like tarzan and put my cat on the ground.
I climbed back to the top of the tree with the male cat was chillin’ I grabbed him and before he could open a can of whoop ass on my chest I practically ran down the tree, did my tarzan swing-off, and put him on the ground next to my cat.
“Victory!” Yells I.
I picked up my soda can and walked triumphently back to my house. As I look back at the cats I see they that they are both climbing the tree again.
God damnit.

The End.



Hi there

11:57pm Annie


11:57pm Alon

Nice profile pic

11:58pm Annie:



11:58pm Alon

oh ty

you look very sad in yours

why is that?

i feel bad looking at it

11:58pm Annie


i have no idea

i will work on making me happy

11:59pm Alon


11:59pm Annie


11:59pm Alon

So, you and Pio?

11:59pm Annie

that has been dead for a longgggggg time

11:59pm Alon


good >:)


12:00am Annie

thats what i say

about the good

12:00am Alon

and why do you say that?

12:00am Annie

he is a fag

that needs a life

12:00am Alon

i think im in love with you

12:00am Annie

ummm thanks

i think

12:01am Alon

I want to make you mine, forever

12:01am Annie

y is that?

12:01am Alon

the question is! Why ISNT it?

12:01am Annie

what ever

12:01am Alon

Dont be hatin on a playa

you dont love me back?

12:02am Annie

of course i doooooooooooo i mean i se u everyday talk to you all the time y wouldnt i?

12:02am Alon

so you wanna go out?

12:02am Annie

is this a joke?

if it is very funny

12:02am Alon


12:03am Annie

ummmm maybe

i have to speak with my heart

12:03am Alon


12:03am Annie

just kidding

12:03am Alon

what does that even mean

12:03am Annie

i have no idea

12:03am Alon

Listen this relationship is not working for me, im breaking up with you

12:04am Annie



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